Ropes around her neck.

by Device Bondage Videos on Oct 31, 2011


Pretty chick. All contorted in knots. A bit of a screamer. But thats okay. Her cries bring out the cruelty in our stud. He handles her throat as she continues to protest. She is suspended to her tippy toes as he cracks the crop across her flanks. She is denied the dignity of seeing his face as he wears a hood. He whacks at her pussy with the cat, then really elicits cries when he switches to her breasts. She is tied into a ball, her knees drawn up to her chest. He makes sure she knows that he could suffocate her if he wished. She acknowledges that, and whimpers when he brings the vibrator to her clitoris. She cant stand the stimulation and she comes for him, her bound breasts shimmering with her excitement.She is left alone with the vibrator on her clit, unable to escape its relentless stimulation. Finally, spent, she is subjected to a breast slapping. For good measure he returns with the vibrator. Hope she didnt feel she was done.