Opal Reins

by Score HD on Aug 25, 2011


When, at the start of this scene, Opal Reins, says, "I'm here to do my first anal penetration scene, " we wondered whether it was the first time she'd ever been nailed in her ass or the first time she'd ever been nailed in her ass on-camera. We get the answer later on, after Opal has sucked shaft (thoroughly lubricating the dick with her gooey throat sauce) and gotten her pussy nailed hard (the stud's shaft slides in slowly, but then, when he's in, he pounds away), Opal takes every inch in her tight ass. Is this Opal's first ass-fucking ever? What do you think? "Fuck me in the ass!" Opal demands. "I want you in my ass doggie-style." In addition to getting her tight ass nailed, Opal is also into playing mud volleyball (something we'd love to see) and going to the horse races. She enjoys motorcycling, ice skating, white-water rafting, camping and hiking. She loves getting nailed by a shaft in one hole while a dildo (or some other kind of sex toy) is working her other hole. Is she classy? Yes. Does she like taking it in the ass? Obviously.