Micah gets doggy from Hunter in the back of a shoe repair shop

by Milf Hunter on Dec 5, 2011


I was dropping off some shoes to get fixed & shined at a local shoe shop & Micah was there all dolled up. this whore was running the store for the day for her parents. I was supposed to get my shoes done in a couple of hours but since the shoe repair man wasnt there this sexy bitch wanted me to come back tomorrow to pick them up. Soon as I got a load of her ass in those tight leather jeans, I knew it was time for the hunt. this whore went on to tell me this sexy bitch was dressed up because this sexy bitch was going to go on a date after this sexy bitch closed up the shop & how this sexy bitch was dreading it because the man this sexy bitch was going out with was a real stick in the mud who didnt take chances. I picked up on her flirtations & as soon as this sexy bitch mentioned this sexy bitch wanted a more aggressive man to take charge, that is all I had to hear. Her ass was amazing & this sexy bitch had no problems fucking in the store her daddy owns. That is exactly my kind of MILF.